The programme of the week will focus on the theme Competence-based Learning in the Digital Age.

We offer the participants interesting workshops on current topics such as Learning Analytics, Digital Literacy, and Competence-based Curriculum in Guidance Counselling Education.

In addition, the week will take you to see the National Skills competition Taitaja2018 with seminars and skills competitions, TAMK’s team enterprise learning academy Proakatemia and others.

The week is a platform for networking for the participants and the organizers as well. We will offer you a variety of opportunities to meet colleagues – for example in an environment natural to us Finns, in the smoke sauna by the lake! Don’t forget to pack your swimming suit!


The following is a draft of the programme, details will be updated!

Monday 14th May

14.00          Welcome & introduction to TAMK and the International Week participants
17.00          Departure to sauna evening
17.30-         Dinner, drinks, possibility to go to a traditional Finnish sauna and swim in the lake

Tuesday 15th May

9.00           Taitaja2018 National Skills Competition:
Welcome by the organizers, introduction to the competitions by TAMK guidance counsellor students
11.00          Lunch
12.00          Skills for the Future – International Seminar, topics:

  • Exponential Technologies – How technological developments challenge our society and education
  • Work Life Skills – What skills does future working life ask from us?
  • How to get there – different approaches to develop the skills for the future


Today’s programme takes place in Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre.

Optional evening programme

Wednesday 16th May

9.00            Morning coffee and networking
10.00          Workshop: Learning Analytics*
12.00          Lunch
13.00          Workshop: Digital Literacy*

Optional evening programme

Thursday 17th May

9.00           Workshop: Competency-Based Curriculum in Guidance Counselling Education*
11.00          Lunch / Visits*
– 16.00       Visits*

Optional evening programme

Friday 18th May

10.00          Wrap up session & Feedback Workshop – Learn new feedback methods while giving feedback!
12.00          Farewell lunch



*Workshop descriptions

Learning Analytics
Wednesday 10-12 o’clock
Jori Leskelä, Principal Lecturer, Vocational Teacher Education
Sami Suhonen, Head of Degree Programme in Physics

The objective of this workshop is to familiarize the participants with the basics of learning analytics and its use in higher education. Firstly, we will tell what learning analytics is about and give a few examples from TAMK and abroad. Secondly, a couple of Finnish projects are presented. The projects investigate and develop the use of learning analytics in higher education in Finland. Thirdly, the participants discuss the ethics and practices of learning analytics in groups and share their opinions and ideas about using learning analytics in their own institutions. No prior knowledge of learning analytics is needed. However, should there be advanced users of learning analytics, they are welcome to share their best practices to all participants during the workshop.

Digital Literacy
Wednesday 13-15 o’clock
Mark Curcher, Senior Lecturer, Vocational Teacher Education

Workshop description: This session will be in two parts, in the first part we will examine and discuss why Digital Literacy and its derivatives of media literacy, digital skills, computer skills, information literacy et al, have become so important. We will look at various initiatives from UNESCO, OECD and Stanford to research and address the issue. We will look at the various frameworks that have been designed to aid learning and development of digital literacies and why, in the opinion of the presenter, these are failing. We will end the first section by considering the broader and perhaps more important issue of epistemic cognition.

In the second part we will ‘roll our sleeves up and break out our devices’ to tackle, develop and test our own skills in the area of information and media literacy.  We will examine some techniques that teachers can develop with their students to enhance their ability to verify and validate digital information.

Competency-Based Curriculum in Guidance Counselling Education
Thursday 10-12 o’clock
Ari Jussila, Senior Lecturer, Pedagogical R&D
Harri Kukkonen, Principal Lecturer, Pedagogical R&D
Outi Rantanen, Senior Lecturer, Pedagogical R&D

Workshop description: The workshop will look into how a competency-based curriculum can be implemented in vocational guidance counselling education. We examine three main points:
– the basic elements used a starting point for action
– how the studies are put into practice
– examples and experiences on completed studies


*Visits on Thursday 

Option 1: Vocational School Ahlman
Ahlman gives vocational upper secondary education in the fields of hotel, restaurant and catering, tourism, gardening and veterinary assistance. At their school farm yards in the middle of the city they have a teaching restaurant, shop, B&B, gardens and animals such as traditional finncattle. We will start the visit with a 3-course lunch prepared by the students in their restaurant (self-paid, 13,50 € / person), followed with a tour of their different learning environments.

Option 2: Proacademy

Proacademy is TAMK’s “academy of new knowledge and expertise” that brings together students who wish to study entrepreneurship and team leadership in a unique way. The learning happens in teams and through carrying real-life customer projects.




Photo: Visit Tampere picture bank, Laura Vanzo.